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Something smells at the lagoon

Serious sewage lagoon concerns remain in Armstrong Twp, despite ON Env. Minister Piccini's response




Wednesday 16 November 2022 - Mercredi 16 novembre 2022

Member Statements- Township of Armstrong sewage lagoon

Mr. John Vanthof: I would like to once again make this House aware of a situation in my riding: the importation, storage and spreading of raw human sewage, imported from Quebec, stored on a former dairy farm lagoon.

The neighbours raised concerns when this was approved by the current Minister of the Environment.

I contacted the minister, especially because it was a former dairy lagoon and there was a well situated in the area. The ministry replied that it was a green site, there was no former infrastructure, and there was no well. There is a well; it was former infrastructure—when I made this, again, aware to the minister - no reply.

A few weeks ago, I wrote the minister a letter saying, “Well, since the ministry didn’t even identify that there was a well, how can the neighbours be assured you’ve identified any of the other infrastructure around the former dairy site?”

I got a nice letter back on Friday saying that everything is fine.

On Saturday, hopefully by coincidence, the lagoon was pumped.

On Saturday night, after dark, excavators went in and excavated till 4:30 in the morning. I called the MOE—no report. But the local MOE inspector did send an email to one of the neighbours that this was MOE-sanctioned and they were digging out the former foundations of the barn that didn’t exist.

We no longer have faith in the ministry. We need all the documentation.


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